At first glance getting started in investing in the share market can be daunting task with some people believing it is beyond their skill set.


With the right training and information the Sharemarket can offer opportunities to anyone interested in learning more about it.


There are two main approaches to analysing shares available in the stockmarket.


  1. A fundamental approach, involving researching the company, its products and services and where they are positioned in the market place and what sought of dividend yield it may offer as additional income from owning the share.


  1. Technical Analysis and the study of charts and indicators that measures the shares strength of trend and changes in its trend that may offer opportunities to enter of exit the stock.

Either approach could be used when selecting a share to invest in, but ideally we would use combination of these two approaches.


With good charting software and research information combined with the right training on how to apply it, selecting stocks becomes a lot easier and faster than you might think.


To succeed at investing in the sharemarket, the first thing you will need is a desire to want to learn how to do it.


If you have that desire to want to learn about it you will find yourself easily absorbing the methods and techniques being shown to you.


Whilst books can be a good starting point, they are often limited in what they can teach you.


If you’re are truly serious about masting the art of trading and investing in the sharemarket, you will need ongoing face to face training where you can ask question and be involved, backed up with online support and the ability to access 1×1 mentoring to resolve any personal queries you have about the trading and investing process you are trying to learn.