Teaching and analysis methods have come a long way since when I first started learning to trade and analysis financial markets, that was a good 25 years ago now.

When I first started to learn I did what most people did, read trading books and studied a trading course to get me started.

The drive I had to learn consumed me to point where most of my time was spent absorbing the information contained within the books and courses I was studying.

Then, computers were expensive and so any analysis I did was by hand charting and let to limitations in the number markets I could monitor easily because of the work involved and the space required to maintain the charts.

My market of choice in those days was the SPI 200 futures contract based around the ASX 200 index, because it gave me a feel for the sharemarket as a whole.

I had a dedicated room to maintain my charts and my main chart ran the entire length of my wall all the way up to the ceiling, I even used half a pink pong table as my main charting table and metre long rulers for drawing trendlines etc, such was my dedication to learning to trade.

Today, the affordability of computers and charting software is available to everyone, and charting and analysis tools make scanning and analysing multiple financial markets a simple and efficient process.

Modern teaching methods not only include face to face structured classroom training but have been taken to whole other level with advent of online training.

Typically online training is offered as both ‘virtual’ live lessons as well as recorded online training for busy people, allowing them to access the training materials 24/7. The technology also provides the facility to perform 1×1 mentoring sessions, and the valuable facility of remote assistance.

This feature now gives the trainer or technician the ability to log into the students computer and resolve computer and software errors.

The Sharemarket College offers all of these technology and training services to their students as part of a standard package.

Compared to what I experienced and endured 25 years ago, these features have now opened up training and education to anyone, even in remote areas.

With support like that, the only thing you need to bring to the table is the commitment, passion and desire to want to learn!