It’s no secret that aside from your health, money is one of the biggest contributing factors in quality of life. Whether you’re motivated by it, restricted by it, enjoy saving or spending, there is a good chance accumulating more money in your life is on your to do list.

It’s no surprise then that there is a huge array of companies providing ‘education’ on money making practices. From get rich quick schemes to in depth trade training, there are a multitude of organisations making big promises. So how do you choose the right education for your share trading future?

Make sure they are a Registered Training Organisation

Sure, there may be some excellent financial coaches who offer tuition but if you are looking at a website that offers online courses yet offer no qualifications or registration information, do your due diligence. RTOs are required to adhere to strict regulations and compliance policies and provide standardised training so you know you are getting at least the standard quality of education.

Look for teachers with practical experience

While theoretical knowledge is absolutely essential to effective and successful share market trading, learning from teachers who have had practical experience trading for themselves is extremely valuable. By learning from professionals who are in touch with the current market you can be sure that the education and training you receive is the most up to date information and methodology available.

Ask if there is mentorship available

Complementing your in class or online learning with one on one or group mentoring is invaluable in applying your learning to your personal financial circumstances and goals. A mentor can help you interpret your course and explain learnings in a way that best suits you. They can also help with sharing examples and lessons from their personal experiences to give even more real-world examples to illustrate theory in practice.

Find out what extracurricular materials and support are available

RTOs that offer membership benefits are an excellent option when choosing your course. Not only does it illustrate the organisation maintains a high level of student support, it indicates their ongoing commitment to ensuring your success outside of the classroom. Facilities such as additional eBooks, forums, online archives, bonus webinars or podcasts can add to your knowledge bank and provide valuable resources to use as reference after you have completed your course.