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Trading Margin Foreign Exchange.

This workshop covers aspects of trading margin foreign exchange products.

What will I learn in forex training?

By the end of this course you should know: 

  • How forex markets work
  • Terminology of forex
  • Trading aspects of margin forex
  • Spreads and margins
  • The role of market makers
  • Risk and money management and psychology
  • Currency price fluctuations
  • Interest rate differentials
  • Cross rates and forwards
  • Economic factors affecting forex
  • Technical indicators used in the margin forex market
  • Legal aspects of trading

Employment / educational outcomes:

A synopsis of the employment and educational outcomes supported by the CDAC for the course follows: 

  • Enhanced job competitiveness through additional knowledge and skill
  • Self-employment – active personal investor and/or trader
  • Self-managed superannuation fund investment management
  • Access to further education / training

Flexible Forex Education for Your Lifestyle

At Sharmarket College we understand that choosing to pursue further education can be a big decision, so finding a course that fits with your lifestyle is important to your success and happiness.

That’s why our courses are designed for maximum flexibility so you can choose to participate in face to face class room study, or take our foreign exchange trading course online for study that works for you.

Virtual Online Classrooms

Thanks to the latest technology in online learning you can now take forex trading training from the comfort of your own home. Sharemarket College workshops are recorded for ultimate convenience so our members have access to training presentations when and where is suits them best.

In-Class Forex Training

Hands on training is by far the best method of education, that’s why Sharemarket College provides a supportive class room environment with small groups for you to learn and interact with our trainers in a relaxed environment. Our simulated trading workshops also allow you to get a taste for trading without spending any ‘real money’

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