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STIDMK002A Trading on the Exchange Traded Options Market.

This unit forms part of the accredited 10335NAT Course in Sharemarket Trading and Investment and covers the knowledge and skills required to determine the exposure and risk involved as part of the decision-making process in assessing opportunities and executing trades on the Exchange Traded Options (ETO) market or Options Trading.

What will I learn?

After completing this unit successfully you will have the knowledge to apply your new skills in:

Identifying opportunities in ETO market:

  • Application to analysis of student software program
  • Analysis of chart, trend and volume, market depth and SEATS system
  • Identify appropriate strategies for profit opportunities in relation to particular trades
  • Identification of advanced industry indicators
  • Trading in the options market by identifying of types of options and their key elements
  • Identify short term trends and opportunities in share prices using technical analysis
  • Identification of factors influencing options pricing
  • Identification of in / at / out of the money options
  • Identification of the advantages of options trading

Accessing potential trading opportunities in ETO market: 

  • Define the risk / reward relationship of individual trades in the ETO market
  • Estimating risks of options trading
  • Application of options strategies
  • Application of options trading process
  • Creation of a personal trading plan to include options trading
  • Psychology of trading
  • Money management in relation to options trading profitability
  • Determine entry, exits and stop strategies
  • Asset allocation
  • Evaluation of changing market environments

Executing trades and evaluating results: 

  • Determine the trade process
  • Implement the trade strategy
  • Monitor results of trades by managing strategy performance
  • Revise strategies to maximise the potential for personal returns in varying market conditions

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