Self Managed Super Funds.


STISMS004A Invest effectively for Self Managed Super Funds.

This unit forms part of the accredited 10335NAT Course in Sharemarket Trading and Investment and covers the fundamental knowledge and skills required to analyse existing super fund performance, construct and implement a strategy with a trial implementation; and evaluate an investment strategy and portfolio investment plan for self managed super funds.

What will I learn?

After completing this unit successfully you will have the knowledge to apply your new skills in:

Analysing the performance of existing super funds:

  • Sharemarket / superannuation fund terminology
  • Scope of the superannuation industry, including historical performance and key players in the industry
  • Identification of products and asset classes
  • Application of fund managers’ selection process – value / growth
  • Investment diversification
  • Self Managed Super
  • Application of charts, trends and volume
  • Identification of software indicators
  • Identification of advanced industry indicators
  • Short selling principles and practices
  • Application of leverage instruments
  • Investment portfolio selection
  • Analysing company performance

Establishing suitable portfolios, just for you:

  • Calculation of risk vs return on investment
  • Stock selection process – bottom up, top down
  • Momentum investing principles and practices
  • Money management
  • Evaluation of changing market environments
  • Identification of legislative requirements regarding investment for self managed superannuation, e.g. taxation compliance in relation to investments in self managed super funds

Demonstrating the skills:

  • Analysing performance data of superannuation funds
  • Charting share movements
  • Identifying share market trends
  • Interpreting different types of asset classes
  • Investing on the share market
  • Evaluating investment results
  • Assessing risk
  • Structuring a personal superannuation portfolio

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