Trading Shares.


Trade on the Share Market.

What will I learn?

After completing this unit successfully you will have the knowledge to apply your new skills in:

Trading software operation, technical analysis & industry terminology:

  • Application to analysis and planning of student software program
  • Share market terminology
  • Application of charts, trends, volume and advanced charting
  • Analysis of market depth and the SEATS system
  • Interpretation of software indicators
  • Interpretation of advanced industry indicators

Structuring and implementing a personal trading system:

  • Creating a personal trading plan
  • Psychology of trading applied to individual capacity for financial risk management
  • Money management
  • Asset allocation
  • Evaluation of changing market environments
  • Legislative requirements

Interpreting securities instruments for making money:

  • Short selling principles and practices
  • Investments relating to derivatives and warrants

Evaluating results of personal trading plan:

  • Assess effectiveness and monitor results of personal trading system over time for adjustment and reinvestment
  • Revise strategies to maximise the potential for increased returns in varying market conditions

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