Trading Shares.


STISMK001A Trade on the Share Market.

This unit forms part of the accredited 10335NAT Course in Share Market Trading and Investment, and covers the concepts and practicalities of trading shares and investing effectively in the Australian sharemarket using a trading system designed specifically for an individual’s personal risk profile.

What will I learn?

After completing this unit successfully you will have the knowledge to apply your new skills in:

Trading software operation, technical analysis & industry terminology:

  • Application to analysis and planning of student software program
  • Share market terminology
  • Application of charts, trends, volume and advanced charting
  • Analysis of market depth and the SEATS system
  • Interpretation of software indicators
  • Interpretation of advanced industry indicators

Structuring and implementing a personal trading system:

  • Creating a personal trading plan
  • Psychology of trading applied to individual capacity for financial risk management
  • Money management
  • Asset allocation
  • Evaluation of changing market environments
  • Legislative requirements

Interpreting securities instruments for making money:

  • Short selling principles and practices
  • Investments relating to derivatives and warrants

Evaluating results of personal trading plan:

  • Assess effectiveness and monitor results of personal trading system over time for adjustment and reinvestment
  • Revise strategies to maximise the potential for increased returns in varying market conditions

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