Picking the right direction to profit from opportunities

Shares – which quite literally represent a share, or portion, of a company are a growth asset. This means that besides their potential to generate income in the form of dividends, they also offer the chance of capital growth. In this way, like property, they can help combat inflation, or the slow creep of rising prices that erodes the value of your money.

For many it has since become a preferred path to building long-term financial security.

But the downside is that shares can go up and they can go down. Some weather a storm much better than others.

The trick to success is to pick the right direction in which the share is moving and use that knowledge to trade in the direction of strength.

In this second E-Book, we examine stock selection on a technical analysis aspect, and some of the basic techniques of interpreting share charts, to enable you to determine buying and selling zones.

You can download this E-Book below.