Face to face classroom based training sessions.


Enjoy the benefits of learning in a small group with classroom sessions at the Sharemarket College.

Face to face classroom workshops from individual students to a maximum of around 30, provide a relaxed environment to learn and interact with our trainers.

Our face to face training proves to be the most popular learning method for most of our clients.

Many people are not comfortable asking questions in big groups and for this reason, we keep our groups smaller.

As well as being able to experience the different style of each trainer, it allows for more interaction and clarification of different items in the training program.

Simulated Trading Workshops.

Our short simulated trading workshops allow you to participate in a virtual trading environment without actually spending ‘real money’ – learning how to recognise opportunities, execute the trade, and manage it to the point of exit.

Workshop times are very flexible and designed so that you can fit them around your work or leisure activities.

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