Sharemarket College Individual Mentoring.


Enjoy the rapid learning benefits of Individual Mentoring Sessions.

You don’t have to do it all alone with our individual mentoring. When you’re learning something new it’s nice to know there’s someone to rely on, every step of the way.

We know everyone learns new things differently and individual mentoring is one of the keys to success you will enjoy with Sharemarket College.

We provide help, support and guidance whenever and wherever you need it. In fact our members recommend us because of our comprehensive support and mentoring programs.

During your membership, you may schedule as many individual mentoring appointments as you need with your trainer – we recognise that this is important to build your confidence!

In these valuable sessions, the trainer will assess your progress, evaluate your trading plan and guide you as you develop your trading strategies.

At every step of my sharemarket journey, I have had the ongoing support of SMC, through classroom training, one-on-one sessions and mentoring. It’s great to attend members events and meet others who have also made the same exciting journey. It’s been a huge and thoroughly enjoyable learning curve for me, and above all, it continues to be FUN.

Jenny, Brisbane

You can do this at our office, or we can hold these sessions one-on-one online for people in remote locations.

Learning how to successfully trade the share market is an ongoing process and every time you place a trade, you’ll learn more about yourself and your trading style.

But sometimes knowledge and theory just aren’t enough. That’s when you can rely on our qualified team to help and guide you – whether it’s face to face, online or via phone.

We are here to ensure your queries are answered, and that we are your partner throughout your education journey to become a profitable trader.

Our support team is available to answer your phone or email query.

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