Online Share Market Education and Training.


Access ‘Live Virtual Classrooms’ in the comfort of your home.

Thanks to Sharemarket College and the latest online learning technology, you can now access a wealth of learning material and presentations from your own computer, laptop, tablet or device.

Workshops Accessible Any Time.

Sharemarket College workshops are recorded and placed in our Members Only area for online learning, providing you with a plethora of training presentations you can enjoy in your own home at your convenience.

If you have missed a face-to-face workshop, you don’t need to worry, as you can access it online.

You might also not quite understand a component of the workshop fully, so you can go home and repeat the lesson you have attended.

All Course Curriculum Available via Online Learning.

The complete curriculum of our  course in Share Market Trading and Investment has been recorded into our online learning platform allowing students to access this archive at any time of the day or night.

The e-learning presentations are designed to take just a short amount of your time, so that you can maximize your concentration. They can be paused, rewound or repeated to suit your needs.

Watch, listen, learn and ask questions of your trainer through the computer.

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